Proper info and practical advice about your health are needed. This volume is packed with tips from the practice of natural medicine. Practical info about your precious health, interesting tips and proven advice from the practice of phytotherapy, homeopathy and naturopathy for yourself and your family.


Books with practical information to take better care of your health. About stress, burn-out and other contemporary health problems. Heal yourself and your family with phytotherapy, with nutrition and natural remedies.


Want to go deeper into important health issues? These seminars will give you insight into why stress or disease occurs. You will also learn how to use several tools to treat conditions in a natural way.

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Health is a fascinating subject. Especially when famous people talk about it. Many interesting people have meaningful things to say about illness and health; they have an inspiring insight or propose a practical solution.

Car sick? Your vacation is ruined.

There's nothing that can bog down the vacation more than being car sick. Especially when you're traveling by car from one place to another. Nausea, general discomfort, possibly dizziness are the main symptoms. Some people even have a predisposition to be car sick and...

Avoid the discomfort of sunburn

Burning your skin from sitting in the sun too long. Everyone has experienced this at one time or another. It causes serious inflammation. The very best thing is prevention. Look for shade and use sunscreen. We also have to be careful with our children. Shoulders, back...

Sleeping well: a super drug for stress

Many people struggle with the problem of not sleeping well. This, of course, has a major impact on their functioning and their entire daily life. Sleeping well is perhaps even more important than eating healthily. Ivigorating sleep is a necessity During sleep, the...

Interview with doctor Jozef Wouters

One hundred years old and still active ... soon on this site ...


During the coming fall, there will be another upsurge of Corona. People are already working on the third vaccination.Should we be doing something now to arm ourselves against the recurring waves of infections? Absolutely. In fact, everyone should be preparing in the...

Is prevention really possible with Covid or other infectious diseases?

Absolutely. Prevention makes sense and demonstrates wisdom. How to do it. It is clear that there is a big difference between people when it comes to their reaction to a viral infection. Most don't even know they're infected. Others experience a flu-like malaise. And...

Dealing with worry and stress

STOP STRESS Dealing with worry is something we all face. All the worries we experience are cumulative. All those things accumulate; so you may add them up. Often this complex of worries forms a basis for stress. Problems can have a paralyzing effect, so that...

Stress costs Flemish companies 13 billion

This is the title of an article in the Nieuwsblad ( Belgian newspaper ) of February 19, 2010! What must that be like today? Eleven years later? In Wallonia, the figures for short-term sick leave are even higher than in Flanders. he financial impact of absenteeism due...


Travel is often very stressful. Being on time, catching connections, unexpected hurdles. This is often the case. And if you have a fear of flying as well, then that can be too much. You have to push this deep unease away, otherwise it comes across as stupid to your...

Fight Flight Fright

Yes, I order the illustrated book 'Fight Flight Fright' Yes, I order the e-book 'Fight Flight Fright'

BIOACADEMY nature is always right

Doctor Marcel Verheyen has built up an impressive expertise in his forty years of practice. After his classical training as a doctor, his way of working has been strongly determined by big names in natural medicine such as Prof. Linus Pauling, Alfred Vogel, Dr. Johanna Budwig. In more than 150,000 consultations he always emphasized a natural approach and treatment. For many years he has been focused on stress and all the problems that arise from it such as burnout. His vast experience is evident in his seminars, lectures and publications…..


Our books

Books with practical information to take even better care of your health.

  • Stop stress

    • Verbeter de kwaliteit van je leven door stress en nervositeit efficiënt aan te pakken
  • Miljoenen beestjes overwinnen!

    • Verkoudheid en griep bestrijden en voorkomen op een natuurlijke wijze.


In these topics you can find those topics that are most practical for you at the moment.


Burn-out is a serious and long-term energetic problem. Here you will find help to prevent this condition.


Eating healthy is really not easy in this day and age. Effective and useful tips in the field of nutrition can be found here.


A lifetime of vital functioning is everyone’s wish. How can you regain your vitality? How can you stay vital?


There are numerous interesting and practical tips that benefit our health.


Nature offers us hundreds of wonderful remedies to get and stay healthier.


Stress has a strong impact on our health. How can we deal with it without permanent damage?


‘Nature is always right,’ said Alfred Vogel. Naturopathy contains a set of tools and capabilities that benefit our health.


There are many special people with an interesting view on health. They can inspire us and give us practical tips.