Are you a sympathetic person or a vagotonic person?

People react differently to stress. This is caused in part by the state of our involuntary nervous system. The two parts that make up the involuntary nervous system can be active to different degrees. If one part, the orthosympaticus is dominant over the other part, the parasympaticus ( vagus nerve), then such a person becomes a sympatheticotonic. In the opposite case, a vagotonic person.

This balance shift can be temporary or chronically present.

A person who has a prolonged high sympathetic tone is blocked, sturdily built, enterprising and fierce in nature, often overheated and prone to constipation.
A vagotonic person is more likely to be freelance built, is more likely to be a withdrawal type, and is often cold.
A sympathetic person is more likely to react aggressively in case of stress and a vagotonic person is more likely to become depressed.
However, many people are mixed types.

Adapted approach

The treatment of the nervous system with herbal products in case of stress must therefore be adapted to the individual. The more you take into account the type of the person, the state of his involuntary nervous system, the better the chosen herbal remedy will help. Is it difficult to get a picture of the type. If the person is a mixture type, a broad-spectrum plant remedy will be chosen.

The Stop Stress seminar will focus on this approach to stress.

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