Is prevention really possible with Covid or other infectious diseases?

Absolutely. Prevention makes sense and demonstrates wisdom.

How to address it.

It is clear that there is a big difference between people when it comes to their reaction to a viral infection. Most don’t even know they’re infected. Others experience a flu-like malaise. And still others are seriously ill and a certain percent even die from it.

Are you an at-risk patient?

If you know that you may be among the “at risk” patients, then of course you are going to try to address your stressful factors or those elements that play a role in this infection in advance.
Your doctor will tell you what your risk factors are, in case you don’t know already. It is certainly worthwhile to address those risk factors if possible of course.
Being overweight can be one of those. Cardiovascular disease. Diabetes… Putting these problems on point is definitely in order then.

Does exercise play a role?

But lack of movement can also affect our resistance. So can unhealthy eating patterns. Too little sleep or poor sleep quality can also play a role.
Certainly when someone gets older, all these things have an even greater impact. Of course you can’t do much about getting older yourself. But some points you can influence.

Ageing and dehydration

An example. Aging is accompanied by dehydration. The moisture content in the body decreases over the years. Drinking well – we mean drinking water – can be an extra help in slowing down dehydration and maintaining immunity. How much? On average, half a liter of spring water per 50 pounds of body weight per day. This ensures proper drainage. This is also positive for the circulatory system. Ultimately, drinking water has a positive impact on all body functions and also on immunity.

We will go into more detail in subsequent articles on additional ways to get and keep the immunity up.
My book ‘ Overcoming Millions of micro-organismen’ contains useful tips in case of infections.

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