Stress is necessary and can even be fun

When we hear the word stress, we immediately think of something negative. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Useful tension

Stress or tension is an essential part of a healthy life. Without tension, you can’t move forward. This is true in all areas. Physiologically, for example, it is impossible to live without a correct and appropriate blood PRESSURE. You don’t experience this pressure as something negative. But it is necessary, to be able to function. This is also true with standing up, to name just one example. A certain muscle tension or tone is needed to function properly and efficiently.

Pass your exam

On a mental level, it is the same. It takes a certain challenge, a certain tension to work well and get results. My book “Stop Stress” clearly explains when stress becomes harmful and what kind of stress has a negative effect. Of course, we need to slow down or manage that stress as much as possible. How you can do that yourself is explained exactly in ‘Stop Stress’.

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