Inexplicably tired? The influence of heavy metals.

Amalgam fillings may play a role

There are, of course, many reasons for fatigue. One reason could well have to do with the fillings in your teeth. In Scandinavia, metal fillings have been banned for some time. These metal fillings are indeed stronger than the composite fillings, but still they have a big disadvantage. Electrolysis constantly releases small bits of the amalgam into your saliva. After all, the mouth is a moist environment. If you put metal in a moist environment, then metal is released by electrolysis. When that happens in mouth, it ends up in our saliva. We swallow it. And most of it is then eliminated with the bowel movement.

A slow intoxication

The claim that this would all be very little is true. But the problem is that this happens every second, for years. And that’s the problem. In fact, it piles up and after many years there is an intoxication that is not attributed at all to the filling that was put in 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

The best material to repair teeth is still porcelain. Baked clay. Very expensive. But natural and not disturbing.

Good advice from the dentist

What to do if it is a problem to remove and replace the metal fillings? Because it could be that a tooth is completely lost when you remove the filling, that the remaining wall is too thin, or that the tooth with a large filling is important for the stature of your entire teeth. In this case, the dentist may advise against restoring this tooth and leave it as is. So what can you do anyway? Drain and eliminate as much as possible the metal particles you have collected for years.

A special freshwater algae

There is an agent that has a great affinity for metal. Chlorella, a freshwater algae. Chlorella absorbs metal and thus “cleanses” the body of the stored metal particles. The quality of Chlorella plays a role. Chlorella from nature contains a lot of metal. These algae have had a cleansing effect on the water they grow in. These algae, of course, cannot be used. Only those algae that are grown metal-free. This is done in metal-free containers.

How should you apply chlorella?

In addition to the quality, the dosage is important and the duration of intake. One gram per thirty kilograms of body weight is necessary. Therefore, it is interesting to take smaller tablets, those of 250 milligrams, because this makes it easier to adjust the daily dose. For someone weighing 70 kilograms this means about 3 times a day 3 tablets of 250 mg. Best taken before meals. It is recommended to take this algae during autumn and spring, each time for three months. The treatment is long lasting. The intoxication is not only through the mouth. All of our environment contains heavy metals that can be a burden to our health. Chlorella also contains other substances that do us good.

Make no mistake. Sometimes Chlorella is confused with Spirulina. Spirulina is something different. This is a seaweed, which is also used for fatigue, but has a different effect through the thyroid gland.

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