The acid can break up your acid

Getting the acid. This is something we all know. If we have eaten something wrong or if there is stress involved. In and of itself, this is not a bad thing.

If acid burn occurs chronically, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to this. The question is whether chronic acid burn can cause esophageal cancer. The answer is yes, it can.

Scientific research

There are a lot of studies that explain the mechanism of this bad development. It appears that this form of irritation turns certain cells of the esophagus into embryonic cells. Knowledge of these mechanisms may make it possible to develop drugs that can help prevent esophageal cancer. After all, cancer of the esophagus often has a bleak outlook. The secret lies in prevention.

Lots of heartburn or acid regurgitation?

We must remember that the body is constantly working to eliminate its acids. In this way, the correct acidity is maintained and a healthy balance is maintained in the body. If the stomach is producing a lot of acid or more acid than normal, there may be several reasons.

A special defense mechanism

When there is too much acid in the body and the kidneys, lungs and liver have a hard time draining it all and working it out, the stomach comes to the rescue, exactly like the overflow of a swimming pool. So it would not be so good to inhibit this overproduction of stomach acid.

The easiest solution is to drink spring water. Whenever heartburn occurs, drinking water is both protective and helps to get rid of the excess acid through the intestine. We should all drink at least half a liter of water per day. This would help the body with its homeostasis.

The role of nutrition

Excessive acid production by the stomach can also be caused by certain foods that are not well tolerated or cannot be digested properly. Avoiding dairy products or wheat are common causes. It is logical that adjusting the diet is the issue here.

Too much snacking can encourage ‘acid reflux’.

The influence of stress

Stress is also a contributing factor that can disturb the digestion and cause heartburn. As a result, people tend to eat more quickly and irregularly. More sweets are consumed and perhaps more alcohol is consumed than before. You see, the approach here is not just to eat slowly and chew well. Stress also deserves full attention.

A disturbance of the digestion itself

The digestion itself can also be so disturbed that acid regurgitation is part or a sign of the disturbance. Obviously, a specific approach is needed, from treating gallstones to constipation.

The esophagus doesn’t like a fat belly

Obesity can also be a negative factor. This causes the diaphragm to become compressed. This can affect the closing system of esophagus – stomach. This can be disrupted by pushing up the entrance to the stomach. Slimming down the stomach is then the solution.


Perhaps interesting to note that there is a plant that has a protective effect on the stomach lining and esophagus. Ficus carica. The buds of the fig tree. We will give you more info about this on this site.

What we should definitely remember:

Drink plenty of water, far from meals
Eat slowly and chew well
Avoid sensitive foods
Have a good bowel movement
Pay attention to abnormal stress
Ensure good intestinal flora

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