Vinegar accompanies your fever

In case of fever, we tend to take an antipyretic.
Fever is seen as something negative and also as something unpleasant that must be fought.

However, fever is a way for the body to stop infections. So, in the first instance, it is not recommended to lower the fever. Unless there are strong reasons to do so.

The first reaction to a fever? Taking something to reduce the fever or lighting up a suppo for our little ones. However, fever helps us to control infections quickly.

What good is a fever?

Most microorganisms can no longer multiply when the body temperature rises above 38 degrees, for example. And herein lies precisely the greatest strength of a bacterium or a virus, in its ability to multiply explosively in a short period of time. The body goes into alarm and then pulls out all the stops to defend itself. One of the defensive tactics is that the organism raises its temperature. A fever develops. The microorganisms are stopped, because their multiplication system is slowed down by the increased temperature. Then the other defense strategies – the white blood cells and antibodies – can also do their job.

Drinking extra water is always good when you have a fever

The potential danger.

But you have to lower the fever,’ someone might say, ‘otherwise you run the risk of convulsions. Indeed, this possible complication exists. But almost only if the fever is very high. And the chance of this happening as you get older is less and less.

Natural method to control fever.

Vinegar socks can be used to “distract” high fever. The socks are dipped in cold water and wrung out lightly. Then vinegar or Molkosan is sprinkled liberally over them. Thereupon the socks are put on. After a while, these become warm due to the body temperature and due to the warmth of the feet. At that point, the procedure must be repeated. Again, the socks are then treated in the manner described. In this way, the body temperature of a fever can be quickly lowered by several degrees. And this in a natural way!

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