Do you have stress too? Even more so than usual in these corona times? Do you want tools to manage your stress? The book “Stop Stress” can really help you with that, through its practical advice based on over 40 years of the author’s experience.

Stress has a major impact on your life. Ultimately, it can even have deadly consequences if you do nothing about chronic stress and tension.

In the book “Stop Stress”, first published in 1995 and revised several times, you will find clearly understandable explanations of stress and burnout, with medical and psychological background information from practice.

Are you looking for a natural therapy for your stress problems? Treatments that are 100% safe? In the book ‘Stop Stress’ you will find a list of deeply effective remedies from nature. In addition, the book contains a help and guidelines to choose the right remedies yourself.

Your point of view is very decisive for the stress you have

Some salient topics in this book:

Our thinking is our primary weapon against unhealthy stress
Stress accelerates your aging
The influence of friendship on stress
Effects of stress in the short and long term
Are you a sympathetic or a vagotonic?
Five signs to recognize deadly stress
How exercise can help with stress
How can you get rid of sleeping tablets?
Choose the natural remedy that suits you
The powerful influence of electricity on stress
Coffee or no coffee for stress?
Managing stress in five minutes
How can you recharge your batteries?
What to eat when you are stressed
Ten ‘anti-stress gems’ for the housewife
What you can do to prevent burnout

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