We are all in the pit at times

Does that mean we are depressed?

No. Circumstances and situations can weigh us down to such an extent that we can no longer cope for a while. This is a form of dejection that everyone experiences from time to time. But if you are regularly down, or if it is a pattern that often recurs, it may be that your hormonal system is unbalanced or that your nervous system is out of balance. This may be hereditary. But it doesn’t mean you’re actually depressed.

A lack of light can also play a role.

This form of dejection is then more common during the darker times of the year. Apparently this has to do with the epiphysis. Getting outside every day and taking a walk is the obvious way to go here. Light therapy can also help with this form of depression. Nutrition is also important, as is exercise, a rich social life, our work and so on. Often depression has a multicausal basis. In that case, you have to look at all the factors that have contributed to dejection in order to do something about its causes.

True depression is a serious problem, a serious illness that requires specialized help.

It is the inability to live an appropriate emotional life. If there is nothing left that brings any joy, this is a signal to seek medical or psychological help

There are certainly natural treatments possible such as classical homeopathy for example. But this is specialist work. For moderate forms of depression, phytotherapeutics offer possible relief, such as Hypericum perforatum MT or Ribes nigrum UE.

A tried and tested remedy is Hyperibalance, which is 30 drops three times a day before meals is a very good treatment to start with.

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