New hand gel without alcohol

Imuno ND

With the Covid 19 pandemic in mind, I developed a natural alcohol-free hand gel in the first half of 2020. Last summer, this product was completely fine-tuned. Finally, the natural hand gel went into production at Fagron with an express train. Fagron is active in pharmacy in thirty countries.

many praise the skin-caring aspect and the particularly pleasant fragrance of this natural anti-Covid cream

Of course I am happy to write that Imuno ND is currently also offered in Belgian pharmacies. The remedy is completely alcohol-free, cares for the skin rather than drying it out and has the same antimicrobial properties as an alcohol gel. Imuno ND is mainly based on phytotherapeutics such as Tea tree, Eucalyptus and Aloe vera. It is effective against Covid. An application has been submitted for Belgium. In Greece, Poland and Croatia the anti Covid claim has been approved.

The hand gel is also available online.

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