Stress has many faces.

There is a difference between being unexpectedly caught in a traffic jam and being blocked and pacing at home as a result of corona. Yet both situations cause stress. The use of synthetic tranquilizers, sleep aids and antidepressants has been alarmingly high for years and will not be reduced now in the last difficult year. In the United States, for example, in one of the years before Covid 19, there were more than 80 million prescriptions for benzodiazepines (tranquilizers). In Belgium and the Netherlands, too, tranquilizers have been among the most commonly taken medications for years. And their use is still increasing.

I can’t live without them anymore…

For some it is a necessity, but most would have been better off never taking them at all. Taking synthetic tranquilizers can be addictive in the long run. Often the dose must be increased to maintain the same effect. In addition, these drugs do not really contribute to solving the cause of tensions.

“My experiences with natural tranquilizers – for example based on valerian, melissa, lavender, ginseng, passiflora – are significantly more positive.”

Applied correctly, they work safely and body-friendly. Without side effects and not addictive. Another great advantage is that these herbal remedies can work very specifically. They can eliminate typical stress symptoms, which is usually not possible with synthetic remedies. After all, stress often manifests itself with certain emphases. In some people this is aggression, in others a form of depression develops. There are herbal products that act very specifically on these different patterns.

Natural solutions

Hyperibalance is recommended for depression tendencies and stress. Three times a day 30 drops is the dose. The effect comes on slowly. Orthobalance is rather interesting if someone tends to irritability and aggression. Here the average dose is also three times 30 drops.
Of course it is logical to also pay attention to the causal problem and to all stressful factors that contribute to increased stress.

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