Stress will kill millions…you too?

It turns out that everyone has stress. Or at least almost everyone. ‘Surely that’s part of modern life’, it’s often said. And indeed that is true to a certain extent. Stress is even necessary to achieve certain results. We talk about excessive tension and chronic stress.

Practice and scientific research show that increased tension – especially long-term stress – has a serious impact on our health. Stress inhibits immunity. With consequences that cannot be underestimated.

Chronic stress can be deadly

It is important to know exactly what happens in our bodies when we have to deal with annoying and prolonged tension. Because stress can be dangerous for the nervous system, for the heart and blood vessels. It also promotes the development of cancer. Only when we see and understand the danger will we have strong reasons to do something about it, and to look for safe and efficient solutions.

As a well-informed person, you will also be more motivated to make the necessary efforts and corrections to keep stress within normal limits. This e-book aims to be a practical help in this regard.

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