Stressing or strengthening your resistance

Now that we have entered the corona era, we are looking at our resistance with more interest. Resistance or immunity. Our immunity is very much how we react to a virus or other microorganism.

What enhances and/or strengthens your immunity?

What burdens or decreases our immunity?

5 stressful factors:

Stress. Stress in the broad sense of the word. All abnormal pressure and strain on our nervous system has a strong inhibiting effect on the immune system.
Fatigue. This means that our organism has not completely reset itself. This makes us weaker. To defend yourself properly you need a full battery.
Drinking little or not at all. A form of dehydration occurs. This of course has an impact on the acidity in the body. The body has fewer opportunities to cleanse itself.
Poorly ventilated rooms. Sleeping or staying in a room with closed windows makes us more susceptible to infections. In the winter, this can be a big problem. Fortunately, we can now open windows and doors regularly.
Immobility. Lack of exercise has a negative effect on blood circulation. As a result, our cells receive less oxygen. Oxygen is precisely what is needed for our cell metabolism to function properly. This also determines our resistance.

5 reinforcing factors:

Sleeping well. This appears to be very important to function well and to maintain all the important functions of our organism. So also our immunity.
Exercise every day. Walking or cycling every day is almost indispensable, especially in these corona times. This has many advantages. A better blood circulation. A better bowel function. And therefore a better bowel movement. A better elimination of toxins. A better immunity.
Lots of oxygen. Oxygen ensures proper cell metabolism. The way we breathe in and out plays a big role here. An exercise bike or outdoor cycling is a big difference. Oxygen provides more resistance.
Natural aids. Echincea purpurea is more of a preventative. 30 drops of mother tincture twice a day. Thymus vulgaris is beneficial for the respiratory tract. This can also be in UE – form, three times a day 25 drops, but one liter of thyme tea every day is also good for the lungs.
Vitamins and extra intestinal flora. Vitamin C has been shown to affect infections. In case of infection, you may take a hefty dose. For example, three times a day 1000 mg. Extra probiotics for the intestines and mucous membranes is also definitely in order here.

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