Fight Flight Fright

Every day, millions of people travel up to thousands of kilometers. Today, this is perfectly possible thanks to modern transport possibilities.

It is fantastic that you can be in Rome in a few hours and in New York 10 hours later. A day later you might be in Tokyo or Melbourne. Never in history has that been possible.

Great opportunities

Travel offers extraordinary opportunities, both professionally and for relaxation, for the development of knowledge, for the mutual positive influence culturally, for the maintenance of distant friendships.

But it also brings with it potential problems.

Annoying problems

Fear of flying is one of them. Travel sickness, infectious diseases, digestive problems, vaccinations, jet lag, are all problems you can face when traveling. Staying healthy when you’re on the road is an item that is becoming increasingly important.

The reason for this book

To give you more info, to help you prepare for your trip, your vacation, your stay abroad. Also to offer you solutions against disruptions during your trip. There and back … 😉 😉

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