Travel is often very stressful.

Being on time, catching connections, unexpected hurdles. This is often the case. And if you have a fear of flying as well, then that can be too much. You have to push this deep unease away, otherwise it comes across as stupid to your fellow passengers. You have to go on anyway, there is no other way.

Comfortable approach

Fear of flying is much more common than you think. There are methods to deal with irrational fear. Sometimes simple logical reasoning can help. But often more is needed. There are even courses against fear of flying.
However, there are also herbal products against anxiety. There are also tricks and specific tips that are very interesting if you are struggling with this problem.

The book “Fight Flight Fright” by Dr. Marcel Verheyen

Compact guide against fear of flying.
In the book Fight Flight Fright ‘ a number of efficient tools have been collected. In addition, the book is full of beautiful drawings that in themselves tell a story with a deeper meaning.

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