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Miraculous “fishing” in Yemen: poor fishermen become stone rich after finding ambergris in belly of dead whale.

In Yemen, 35 poverty-stricken fishermen have become filthy rich in one fell swoop thanks to a precious substance they found in the intestines of a dead sperm whale floating around. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s true. What the fishermen discovered was ambergris, a rare natural product used in the perfume industry.

VRT news 2 June 2021

I also read in that article: ‘In the carcass they found no less than 127 kilos of ambergris, worth one and a half million dollars. That’s like winning the lottery. Especially in poverty-stricken Yemen … As we got closer to the carcass, we smelled a strong odor,” says one of the fishermen. “The smell wasn’t very pleasant, but it meant … a lot of money”.

This reminded me of thirty years ago, when I was working on an idea for a natural remedy for menopausal problems. Ambra grisea was not unknown in natural medicine.

Ambra became an important ingredient in the formula of Famosan. That was the name of the new menopause remedy. The tests were very promising. Of course I was very happy that the idea was accepted but even more so that the final formula turned out to be very efficient.

Ambra grisea is a secretion from the intestine of the sperm whale, a very rare product. Fortunately, you need very little to manufacture Famosan. This was combined with Cimicifuga and other plant ingredients. So Ambra grisea is not only used in the world of perfumery, but also for health. Famosan is still an important A. Vogel remedy for menopause complaints, available at Biohorma.

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