Dealing with worry and stress


Dealing with worry is something we all face. All the worries we experience are cumulative. All those things accumulate; so you may add them up. Often this complex of worries forms a basis for stress. Problems can have a paralyzing effect, so that initiatives to do something about them fail. Let alone to do something about it efficiently.

Analyze your situation first

First of all, it is good to analyze what kind of problems you are dealing with. Three broad categories can be distinguished. First, those worries that you can’t do anything about; problems that are beyond your control. An obvious example is when someone dies in the family. This can be an overwhelming problem, one that you essentially can’t do anything about. Of course, you can do something about how you deal with this. That’s true, but not about the problem itself.

If you are dependent…

Then there are problems that are within your control, but where you depend on someone else to effectively do something about them. For example, an argument with the neighbors. Here you can do something about it, but still you are limited in some respect by the attitude of the neighbors themselves; you are dependent on the neighbors whether they themselves are willing to engage in positive communication or not.

The main actor

But in another kind of problem, you yourself are the main actor. Here, though, we can focus on the roots of the problem. These kinds of things deserve our greatest attention.

An example. Perhaps we have a tendency to put things off and regularly arrive late, with our payments, at an appointment, with finishing our task. This can of course cause tension with others. The cause then should not be sought in others, but in ourselves.

Perhaps rearranging our weekly priorities can help us actually do something about these worries. If we have clearly defined our priorities and then finish them first, we will finish on time. This can have a very big impact on our stress. Focusing on priorities that I can do something about is also necessary for me to be able to handle stress well.

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