During the coming fall, there will be another upsurge of Corona. People are already working on the third vaccination.
Should we be doing something now to arm ourselves against the recurring waves of infections? Absolutely.

In fact, everyone should be preparing in the best possible way.

There are two main things that can be done.

First, find out what your weaknesses are and do something about them.
Most of the time, you already know that. For example, if that’s obesity, it makes sense to do something about your weight. Is it diabetes, it’s necessary that you do as much as you can to get a better sugar metabolism. Already now. Not just in the fall, but right now to get your body optimally ready to start the more difficult period. If it is the circulatory system, then it needs extra care. If there is a serious illness, then it is good to give it extra attention. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

So it also makes sense to start living healthier now. This means, taking care of sleep, paying attention to nutrition and making sure you get oxygen-rich exercise every day.

Stress can also be a major brake on immunity. In the autumn to ensure that you have less stress is of course fine, but it makes even more sense to do this now.

Your own resistance plays a major role

Could we also take something extra for better immunity?
Yes, definitely.
A first that comes to mind is vitamin C. Certain forms are better assimilated. Also, you need to take enough per day to have a good effect. Usually I recommend Vitamin C 1000. Three times daily. This means that you take three grams a day preventative. Start with one and then one more each time because it might cause some diarrhea if you start with three grams a day right away.

The intestinal flora plays an important role in a properly functioning immune system. This is often a weak link in our immunity. Taking 1 capsule of Allobiose twice daily is worthwhile. Best before meals.

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