Stress costs Flemish companies 13 billion

This is the title of an article in the Nieuwsblad ( Belgian newspaper ) of February 19, 2010! What must that be like today? Eleven years later?

In Wallonia, the figures for short-term sick leave are even higher than in Flanders.

he financial impact of absenteeism due to stress can hardly be overestimated. If someone is felled by stress and stays home from work, this of course also has an impact on the others in the company who have to work harder and are in turn burdened worse. This type of cost is never even included in the calculation of the loss due to stress.
Sabine Vandingenen, SD Worx absenteeism expert, concludes that one in three Belgians is also working harder because of the recession.

Stress multicausal

structures – that are playing an increasingly important role.
It is logical that we should arm ourselves against stress, against stress that is coming. We should not wait until we are in trouble. A car also gets you checked out before you take a long trip. The body needs time to get up to speed and then come out strong when it really needs to.

Preventive approach

Prevention is the secret. That is why we give seminars on the ways in which we can strengthen our organism to be able to resist stress. In this way, we are also taking a preventive approach to burnout.

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