Avoid the discomfort of sunburn

Burning your skin from sitting in the sun too long. Everyone has experienced this at one time or another.

It causes serious inflammation. The very best thing is prevention. Look for shade and use sunscreen. We also have to be careful with our children. Shoulders, back and face can become seriously irritated by the bright sun.

Are there natural remedies for sunburn?

If the skin is swollen from sunburns, Apis mellifica comes into consideration. You could use Apis 30K. Every two hours 5 pellets; as soon as it gets better reduce or stop.

If the skin is superficially irritated without edema, without swelling, Urtica urens 30K is a better choice.

For more severe forms it is best to consult a doctor.
What also helps with healing and provides soothing is Calendula cream and Almond oil.

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