Car sick? Your vacation is ruined.

There’s nothing that can bog down the vacation more than being car sick. Especially when you’re traveling by car from one place to another. Nausea, general discomfort, possibly dizziness are the main symptoms. Some people even have a predisposition to be car sick and seasick.

Looking out the window or sitting up front may help a little, but once the nausea sets in, there’s nothing you can do about it. Then the next few hours are ruined. Then there is nothing left to enjoy that day.

Are there interesting tools in natural medicine?

Yes, definitely. The very best is for a homeopath to select you an appropriate remedy.
But I’d like to give you some classics with their main characteristics. Maybe it’s worthwhile to stock up then on those remedies, which are the most appropriate for you. So that you don’t run out when you need it.

Perhaps you can also try out a remedy if it works efficiently for you.
In that case, you can take the remedy preventively. Starting a few hours before leaving and then every two to three hours….

Cocculus 5CH or 30K.

Car sick or seasick with nausea and dizziness are the most important features. The people to whom this remedy fits also cannot stand cold wind or drafts.

Does not tolerate cold air
Prefers not to sit up; but lies down

Petroleum 5CH or 30K

is also a remedy for car sickness or seasickness. In which the classic nausea, is accompanied by sudden vomiting. Typical here is the flat stool and an exhausted feeling.

Sudden vomiting
Exhausted feeling
Tendency to diarrhea
Dizziness on getting up

Tabacum 5CH or 30K

is indicated for car sickness where the person actually gets relief from fresh air or cool wind; but still he or she then feels cold. The sweat breaks out. The person becomes very pale.

Cold sweat
Pale face
Fresh air brings relief

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