Together with Alfred Vogel


Dr. Marcel Verheyen

Curriculum vitae


  • Training Burn-Out given by Dr. L. Swinnen in 2018

  • Training Coach given by Dr. L. Swinnen in 2017

  • Magnet pair therapy given by Dr. D. Goiz in Berlin in 2011

  • Various trainings homeopathy, phytotherapy, iris diagnosis, Josef Deck, Germany.

  • Training in phytotherapy, SFPA, Paris, 1985 – 86.

  • Doctor of medicine, surgery and obstetrics, KU Leuven, July 1979.

Medicine Practice:
  • In recent years, the emphasis has been on treatment methods from physics, such as magnetic pair therapy and therapies with electromagnetic frequencies. Treatments with MWO and circuits of Lakhovsky.

  • Practice Natural Medicine, Leuven, 2000 – 2020

  • Center for Naturopathy, Preventive Diagnostics and Homeopathy, Maastricht, 1993 – 1999

  • Practice in natural medicine, Leuven, 1979 – 1992.


Research and development of medicines for homeopathy and phytotherapy, since 1985 – present. New ideas, concepts and books are impatiently waiting in the risers….


Olivaslim line.


Imuno ND Plant-based alcohol-free hand gel


Advisor for several product lines of natural medicines

Product development for Bioforce and Biohorma

Design of Famosan, Edisan, SBS Stress Balans and Phytobell

Consultant for various product lines of natural medicines

From 1983 close collaborator of Alfred Vogel in Switzerland

Production Film and Video, IPI, 1996 – 1999.

Medical Editor-in-Chief of magazine ‘Gezondheidnieuws’, The Netherlands, 1983 – 1999.

Medical editor-in-chief of magazine ‘ Beter ‘, The Netherlands, 1983 – 1999.



  • Computer program for natural slimming.
  • Course in Stress Management for the general public.
  • Courses natural medicine doctors – paramedics – wide public.
  • Former member of ABNG – Physicians Association of Naturopathy.
  • Member of NVF – Dutch Association for Phytotherapy.
  • Former member of BVF – Belgian Association of Phytotherapy
  • Broadcasts Belgian BRT Radio – Regional TV in various public magazines in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Co-presenter of a TV-series of 9 broadcasts about natural medicine: Better in balance – RTL4 – 2000
  • Interviews about stress / naturopathy –  TV2 Finnish television – 1996

  • Collaboration with Dr Duraffourd and Dr Lapraz in Paris, Dr Budwig in Freudenstadt-Dietersweiler, Max Hollweg in Schlangen, Prof. Dr Linus Pauling, Dr Cor Aakster, Dr Duran Goiz in Mexico, Dr Jozef Deck, Dr Schimmel and many others…

* Publications

  • Fight Flight Fright, 2016

  • Stop Stress, 2009.

  • Genees jezelf, 2003.

  • Miljoenen beestjes overwinnen, 2002.

  • Stop Stress, 1995.

  • Phytotherapy course for doctor and pharmacist.

  • Phytotherapy and coronary diseases.

  • Homeopathie voor het hele gezin, 1986.