On Internet, we find an enormous amount of information about stress. On the site of the National Library of Medicine, for example, I got to find 760 072 articles on the word ‘stress’. Difficult to find his way. Not all of these data may be interesting or useless, but this indicates that the large amount of information about stress is a concern for many. We seek to have a pleasant life. A life without stress is illusory, because some positive tension can make things fun. We are looking for a life with a minimum of negative tension. I would help you through this site, gathering current and practical information on stress. In order to achieve a practical application in your life …
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Are you looking for a solution to stress? Do you want the tools to manage your stress? The book "Stop Stress" can help you with that, thanks to the advice based on 40 years of experience of the author.
Are you looking for information about stress and its consequences? The impact of stress on your body and your life? The potentially fatal consequences of chronic stress and tension?
In the book "Stop Stress," which was first published in 1995 and has been revised several times, you will find clearly understandable explanations about stress and burnout, with medical and psychological background information from practice. This book discusses themes such as:
What are the alarm signs for stress?
What do you have to watch out for in order to prevent a burnout?
Which drugs really help against stress?
Are you looking for a natural therapy for your stress problems? Treatments that are 100% safe? In the book 'Stop Stress' you will find a list of deep-acting substances from nature. In addition, the book contains help and guidelines for choosing the right drugs yourself.

Some striking topics in this book:
Our thinking is our main weapon against unhealthy stress
Stress accelerates your aging
The influence of friendship on stress
Short- and long-term effects of stress
Are you a sympathetic or a vagotonic?
Five signals to recognize deadly stress
How sports can help with stress
How can you get rid of sleeping tablets?
Choose the natural remedy that's right for you
The influence of electricity on stress
Coffee or no coffee in case of stress?
Managing stress in five minutes
How can you recharge your batteries?
What to eat and what not to eat in case of stress
Ten anti-stress pearls for the housewife
What you can do to prevent burnout


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