Book – Fight Flight Fright


Afraid of flying?
How to keep your feet on the ground whilst off the ground?
Every year, more then two billion people take the plane…of which 30% would love to see their anxieties pinned down. Does it sound familiar? You do not need to suffer alone. “Fight Flight Fright” from Dr. Verheyen is at hand to help you. Not only will this book stop you from becomng anxious but ita lso specifically designed to help you during bouts of anxiety.

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As a good practical guide, “Fight Flight Fright” avoids all the clichés of the genre, both in content and the form.
No to longwinded arguments
No to wordy theories
No to endless waffle
The easy-to-understand graphics and playful designs deliver a sooting message, a return to calm and serenity.
Yes to practical solutions
Yes to simple sentences
Yes to positive thoughts

The comfort and remedies offered in the pages of “Fight Flight Fright” is of such public benefit that that it should be made possible to obtain the book on the NHS. Finally, the handy pocket size allows to sneak you and to support you during every flight.
Book – size 18 / 12 cm - 80 pages
RRP: euro 12.95
Port: euro 6,5 for Benelux


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